Superheroes are everywhere nowadays, and most of the time it features heroes fighting villains and inevitably winning the day. But what happens when the world’s greatest hero turns out to be its greatest threat?

In Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, that very concept is explored through the eyes of Mark Grayson, the son of the most powerful hero on earth, Omni-Man. It’s an interesting mix of a coming-of-age high school drama with a bit of super heroism drizzled in. 

What makes Invincible stand out from the rest, however, is the insane amount of violence featured throughout the show. Robert Kirkman also created The Walking Dead, so it’s not too surprising that his other works would have about the same amount of explicit content. If you’re not a fan of high impact fighting, or blood, I recommend you sit this one out.

Invincible was one of the first comics to introduce The “evil Superman” trope. Other stories that share the same concept and are a bit more present in current pop culture is “Injustice”, a video game based on the DC Universe where Superman holds a regime over the world.

Another would be The Boys, which is a deconstruction of the superhero genre. The Boys’ live action adaptation airs on Amazon Prime Video alongside Invincible. After The Boys’ insane success, I believe it walked so Invincible could run. Not only is the “evil Superman” trope conceptually cool, but now that the producers know it works, it gives the developers more creative wiggle room.

By the wish of Robert Kirkman himself, Invincible is fully animated in the same vein as the old Justice League show, and aesthetically it looks awesome. If you’re not very squeamish and love superheroes with a bit of teen drama, definitely check out Invincible on Amazon Prime Video. 

Each episode is about 45 minutes a piece, and there will be 8 episodes this season. New episodes drop every Friday.