Travis Scott, the Houston born rapper has made a huge name for himself, not only in his city but worldwide. Travis Scott first caught notoriety with his autotuned melodies and rave like concert experiences and it still remains as one of the staples of his career. As he continued to grow as a music artist, other forms of artistry developed with him team up with Jordan brand to release his own spin on the Jordan signature shoe line and other notable collaborations such as Reese’s Cereal brand. Travis had his biggest year in 2018, with the release of his long-awaited album ASTROWORLD (2018), which was nominated for multiple awards and has become certified double platinum. This is heavily acclaimed as his best album to date and the numbers sold as support.

From the beginning Travis had a different sound that continued to evolve as his fame grew. Looking back at older Travis Scott songs and interviews like his 2013 XXL freestyle, you see how his lyrical prowess has grown from simple to more complexity mixed into his own original sound. With his last mixtape (Days before the Rodeo (2014) before official drop his debut album Rodeo (2015), Scott already has a major following these two projects which delivered and introduced to the world Travis Scott a.k.a LaFlame (his Rockstar nickname). He continued his success with numerous feature with larger artist and drop his second studio album “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” (2016). It didn’t reach the same hype level as the first and third studio albums, but many agree it’s one of the most slept one album of the Travis Scott era.

If you’re a hardcore Travis Scott fan you already know the extensive list of Travis Scott music, but even the causal music fan can enjoy and appreciate the artwork and talent that is Travis Scott. Below are a few recommended songs for the causal fan. Some are throwback that you have heard during that specific year or song that didn’t get a much radio play, but their all fire and showcase the best of Travis Scott.

Songs: “Mamacita”, “Drugs You Should Try It” (Days before the Rodeo)

“3500”, “Nightcrawler”, “Antidote” (Rodeo)

“way back”, “beibs in the trap”, “goosebumps”, “pick up the phone”, “lose’, (Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight)