This past weekend the Jonas Brothers performed at the Bankers Life field house for their reunion tour called “Happiness Begins”. I am pleased to address my opinions of the concert because I had the chance to see these boys perform live right in front of me (or below me due to my poor seating choice). This concert was everything my 8-year-old inner child could imagine. The heart throb boys, songs from my childhood and being able to say that I saw the Jonas Brothers live. I had done some research of their newest album Happiness Begins which included their first single of their new start to boy band fame “Sucker” and their second hit off the new album “Cool”. Due to my poor seating choice, it was hard to make out who was who on stage. They decided to color coordinate their suits, each wearing a vibrant color head to toe, Joe Jonas wearing hot pink, Kevin Jonas wearing plum purple, and Nick Jonas wearing heather grey. In my opinion who ever decided they should have matching suits was a genius because it embodied their tour vibe so well. Happiness Begins was from start to finish a dream. The water works started for me when they came down on a ledge onto the stage singing “Rollercoaster” to signify that they were starting a new chapter in their brotherhood and band and they were always going to remember their younger selves going forward and that nothing had changed except their ages. The set included everything you could think of that would make someone happy like all the bops from their old albums like “LoveBug”, “Year 3000”, “Burnin up”, and “When You Look Me in the Eyes” as well as their new songs like “Only Human”, “Used To Be”, “Hesitate”, and “Comeback”. The tour also decided to include a tribute to Nick Jonas and his song “Jealous” while inviting his brother Joe to perform with him, as well as a vibing tribute to DNCE for Joe by rocking out to “Cake By The Ocean”. This concert was a true blast from the past and even though my seats would make a nose bleed, I am truly grateful for the chance to see such an iconic brotherhood in person.