This Saturday the Indiana State University men’s basketball team will play Northern Iowa at 2.  The Sycamores are currently ranked ninth in the Missouri Valley with Missouri ranked fourth.  The Sycamores overall record is 14 and 15, but in the Missouri Valley Conference, they are 6 and 11. 

The Sycamores have averaged 69.2 points per game.  Their field goal percentage is sitting at .441 and making an average of 24.5 points from field goals.  Their three-point percentage is at .364 and making 5.7 three-pointers per game.  The Sycamores free throw percentage is .730 making an average of 15 points from the free throw line.  ISU averages 13 turnovers per game, but score 14.9 points off of turnovers from their opponents.

Northern Iowa has an overall record of 15 and 13.  In the conference, their record is 9 and 6.  Northern Iowa scores an average of 66.2 points per game.  Field goal percentage is .420 on average and they make an average of .353 three-pointers per game.  From the free throw line Northern Iowa makes .743 of all free throws and averages 12.4 scoring free throws per game.   When it comes to turnovers Iowa has an average of 11.6 per game.