Students taking the Gender Studies 450 class held their annual Take Back the Night March Wednesday evening. It’s an event that supports victims of sexual assault, gender violence, relationship violence, and stalking.

This event was open to the public and all the proceeds from t-shirt sales and donations went to the Council on Domestic Abuse in Terre Haute.

 “Awareness. That’s what Amanda, our professor has stressed so much is it’s really about bringing awareness to sexual assault, sexual violence, and gender violence,” said Indiana State University student Jazlyn Rowan.

There was a recourse fair in the Hulman Memorial Student Union where others could learn about sexual violence and how to help others. After the resource fair students held a presentation that included stats about sexual violence, a list of resources, poems, and videos to let survivors know they are not alone.

“It draws awareness to sexual violence and that we want to end sexual violence and that lots of students experience sexual violence so I think it draws attention to that and we hope we can end it,” said gender studies instructor Amanda Hobson.  

The night concluded with a march through campus, ending up by the fountain for a name burning ceremony where students would write down the names of victims and toss it into a fire.

The night was more than just letting victims know they are no alone, it encouraged others to be there for their friends and family and to speak up when they see something so we don’t uphold sexual assault culture.

“What I hope for all of our students at Indiana State to take away from this is that we can end gender violence, that we can end sexual violence, said Hobson. “If we see our friends doing something that upholds sexual violence and gender violence they can say something and they can stop it.”