The LGBTQ Resource Center of the Office and Multicultural Services and Programs held a time on Tuesday afternoon for students to talk about the myths and misconceptions in the LGBTQ+ community. The event was held in Room 421 in the Hulman Memorial Student Union.

This room was a safe place for any type of discussion and opinions students wanted to voice, with students sitting in a circle passing around a bucket with various types of discussion topics about the LGBTQ+ community.

It was an engaging event by the MSP which tackled many misconceptions about the community with students giving their personal opinions and experiences they have encountered. Various students were in attendance with some being a part of the community and others just attending to learn more.

Shakur Silas, graduate assistant, hosted the event and said he wanted to get different input from students and allies.

"I hope that the people who came take away that there's a lot of stereotypes regarding the LGBTQ community and since we had more allies than queer folk at the event, that they take away a couple of things," said Silas. "That will just help any questions or concerns or stereotypes that they believe in, come at ease."

Silas wanted students who identify as heterosexual to have the chance to become more aware and educated about the main stereotypes people might have and hopefully educate other individuals.

"Creating that open space and educating their heterosexual counterparts on how to create that open space for everyone on campus, it's very valuable for everyone really; staff, faculty, and students," said Silas.