The Los Angeles Lakers are your 2019-2020 NBA champions. They defeated the Miami Heat Sunday night with a score of 106 to 93.

The Heat had a difficult series against the Lakers as injuries pledged them in Game 1 and continued to hinder the stellar defense that they played during the in entire playoffs. The bright spot of this Heat was they came to together to clutch out Game 3 and Game 5 wins against this heavily favored Lakers team. Jimmy Butler played 70 out of 72 minutes between games 4 and 5 which is an incredible feat for an athlete with only three days of rest in-between those games. Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo got hurt in Game 1, which really showed how crucial they were to this Heat team making the finals. The team play of the Heat helped them survive the rest of the series until Game 6. In Game 6, the entire team looked exhausted and did not play the standard of Heat basketball.  This Heat team entering the NBA bubble exceed expectations and showed a well-rounded team that was bought into the system behind head coach Erik Spoelstra.

For the Lakers, this is there 17th NBA championship tying the all-time record with franchise rivals the Boston Celtics. This championship is comes with a story for the ages having a 35 year old Lebron James lead them to their latest ring in 10 years and winning his 4th Finals MVP. Lebron led the Lakers doing it all on the court, leading them in points, rebounds, and assists. It also sees three number 1 picks winning a championship, Lebron gaining his fourth and Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard having one now added to their respective careers.

This Lakers team had a tough matchup with Heat even through the injuries but managed to pull out this victory. This Lakers team was the heavy favorite to win the series and they delivered on that expectations. This Lakers run also gives away to an even greater story of winning an NBA championship, through the loss of Lakers legend and all-time great Kobe Bryant who passed earlier this year in January of 2020.

The bubble has brought NBA fans interesting basketball and amazing stories lines to go with it. Next season will be very interesting as a normal NBA season would be starting in two weeks, so having to adjust to a NBA schedule will be difficult for many, but next season will be one of the ages with powerhouse teams, a new draft class and trade and free agent moves to come.