Dr. Namita Goswami, a philosophy and women’s studies professor, gave a talk as part of the Inspiring Women Series on Thursday, October 15.

The series is meant to share the experiences of the speaker and how they got to where they are today, as well as to inspire others who may be struggling with similar issues.

 The talk covered Dr. Goswami’s journey from India to the United States, where she decided to pursue higher education and eventually put down roots. While it may have ended on a high note, it wasn’t always easy.

 Her story was filled with issues that many even in the United States face today. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, body issues, eating disorders, etc. are some of the things she dealt with both as a youth and now in her adulthood.

 “I decided to give the talk because the request came from students. Such requests are always special because so much of our time is spent telling students what they need to learn or know to jump through a particular hoop,” she said, “I think we all hope that our students (like our children) will not make the same mistakes we did or recognize how certain struggles transcend our differences. I hope to inspire confidence, give everyone a few laughs, and instill humility. We often get in our way when we take ourselves too seriously! Also, listening to my audience gives me hope. You are the manifestation of change and progress, which is very rewarding!”