The “Resident Evil” franchise is a beloved series by Capcom and is the father of the survival-horror genre of video games. The series has taken many twists and turns in its many styles of gameplay throughout the years, going from a claustrophobic over-the-head camera style with a slow burn gameplay style, 3rd person action-adventure shooter games, and recently started diving into 1st person experiences.  “Resident Evil Village” continues the 1st person trend in the series, as it’s a direct sequel to “Resident Evil VII”, which introduced that style. 

What I like about “Resident Evil” is each game’s takes on different apocalyptic scenarios. In the first three games, there’s primarily a zombie virus going around, with a little bit of mutant monsters dribbled in. “Resident Evil 4” introduced “Las Plagas”, which were ancient parasites that took over human’s minds. “5” introduced zombies who could shoot back at you, and they returned in “6” alongside normal zombies. “VII” focused on a growing mold, and after all that, you’d think that those concepts couldn’t be topped. 

“Village” now puts vampires and werewolves in the “Resident Evil” universe! I played a limited demo of “Village” last Saturday, which focused on Ethan Winters, the protagonist of “VII”, traveling through a part of the Romanian village the game is named after. I felt a lot more emotion from Ethan in this game than I did in “VII”, which makes me happy since “VII” is my favorite horror game. On top of that, “Village” seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from “Resident Evil 4” in its setting and gameplay. 

There’s more of a focus on exploration and crafting in this game than any other “Resident Evil” title. The village itself feels like it’s alive, with various sounds and shrieks being heard off in the distance, and near you. It always felt like I was being watched. 

In “VII”, the small mansion the game places you in made me a bit claustrophobic, but after an encounter with a monster in a wheat field in the demo, I’m happy to report that this game is going to be one of the most intense “Resident Evil” games in recent memory. 

“Resident Evil: Village” will be released May 7, 2021.