Do we have the next Lorde on deck? Blythe Baines released her new EP Games and it’s something you didn’t know you needed in your life. I compare her to Lorde because her vocals on this EP are so powerful and seductive at the same time. Showing off her vocals, you know she will be a big competition in the future.

Some history behind this album that she had mentioned in Instagram livestreams is that she actually started making Games in Africa while working on volunteer projects. After a few months, she came back in October and finished the album.

My favorite song on Games was “Spoiled”. I haven’t felt the type of feeling that I have with any other song. It’s like my whole body gets goosebumps and my hair stands on its ends like I have horrible bed-head.

Currently, she is working on a music video for “Spoiled”. I mention this because the production and lyrics could create truly a fun and crazy experience. This song sounds like Lorde and Britney Spears had a baby and Blythe Baines was her name. Now picture that as a music video.

She also mentioned on Instagram livestreams that “Games” or “Buy Me Roses” could become the next to get music videos. Games and Buy Me Roses can show off her lyricism and her determination in wanting to be great in the music industry.

“You Always Do” is probably my second favorite song. Having a chorus lightly based off of the Titanic, you can expect Blythe is intelligent in her lyricism. You Always Do also shows off her incredible vocals more than her usual. If you want a taste of the album from one song, this is the one I would recommend.

I honestly haven’t found a reason to skip any song, yet. The vocals and production are clean and clear. I also enjoy when an artist can take me on a storyline. Blythe’s choruses put you right in the action of each song.

Normally I don’t do this, even for artists that everyone and their moms know about, but I would rate this EP/album a 10/10. Blythe Baines’ vocals were adventurous and powerful throughout the entire 14 minutes and 43 seconds. Not only were her vocals flawless, but the production as well. The instrumentals had me lost and wanting to follow a story or even explore the galaxy.