It is black history month and black students have been excited ever since the Black History Month Kick-off which was held on Feb. 3. The black community within Indiana State University have been looking forward to the events that are planned throughout this month, including Hiplet.

The Hiplet performance was held this past Thursday in the Tilson Auditorium by ballerina dancers based in Chicago. Hiplet is a style of dance that infuses traditional, classical ballet and hip hop with African, Latin, and Urban culture. Those who went were left stunned about the dancer’s creativity, and as well seeing ballerinas of color, both male and female.

Senior Nijah Smith shared her experience at the event. She couldn’t choose what part of the performance was her favorite. She loved all of it from the beginning to the ending.

“All of it was so beautiful and relatable. This was every little black girl’s dream,” said Smith.

The Hiplet Ballerina dance group played a mini-documentary clip of them talking about what Hiplet is and shared what they go through as ballet dancers.

 “It keeps the beautiful traditional style of ballet that we are used to but flips on its head by coming in with the hardness, vibrant, and precise moves of hip hop,” said Smith.

After the show, the audience had the chance to chat, take pictures, and get their program signed by the hiplet dancers.