Tuesday, November 26th was a night that The Citadel Music Hall will not forget. Guardin set out on an 8 show tour alongside special guests Carousel Kings, The Breathing Backwards, and Brody McKeegan. Something special about this tour was the tour was titled The Creature after Guardin's cat.

The last leg of Creature, and no not Guardin's cat, was in Indianapolis at The Citadel Music Hall. Unfortunately, Carousel Kings' and The Breathing Backwards' time had ended before Indy, but that just meant Guardin and Brody, his DJ, had the stage all to themselves.

Guardin was an incredible performer. No matter how hard he tried to get the crowd into it, on and off the stage, he had the sort of energy you don't see often in a celebrity lime-light. His charisma and energy were easily the two things that makes him stand out. Guardin and his alien sidekick face-timed a lucky fan, I was fortunate to be with, before the show letting the fan know he's awake and ready. The fan and I were able to sneak a look of his attire and Guardin was looking like Roy Purdy. Guardin told the crowd it was a statement to have fun and don't be afraid to be singled out.

Guardin and Brody started the night out on a cliff note with the song "Cliffnote". They know how to set up a show! "Cliffnote" brought the crowd from 0-100 real quick. Neither of the boys on stage started the chant-a-long the song has, but the crowd started and you could tell Guardin and Brody were ready to go. The show was captivating from start to finish. Guardin had the crowd screaming their heart out in "Solitary", climbed out into the crowd to scream with us in "take away the pain", jumping out of their sneakers and boots in "Snowflakes", and crying when he brought out his ukulele for "I think you're really cool". Something else that makes these two stand out from the crowd was they like humor and made sure to include older memes and jokes during their breaks.

Guardin made a major breakthrough around August of 2018. He joined Convolk, sewerperson (then known as 9tails), Lil Polearm, and jakkyboi in one of the largest "sad boy/emo

rap" collaborations in history. Using a mixed sample produced by Lil Polearm and jakkyboi from the older hit "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script, the large team made "Whatever It Takes". I bring this up because at the end of the concert, Guardin and Brody were chatting with the alien because he was rather upset tour had come to an end. They decided to play "Whatever It Takes" and the boys would end the show in the crowd.

In a conversation in one of his tour posts on Instagram (@guardin and a fan November 2nd), "Can I get a hug if I see you?" Guardin - "yea i'll be meeting everyone at every single date!" And surprisingly, through the nearly sold-out show in Indy, he did just that. I got to meet Guardin and Brody and ask them a few questions after the show. Me - "How's life?" Guardin - "Life has been great... incredible" "What's your favorite thing about this tour been?" "Meeting all the people who support me and understand me."

Rating the night, I would give Guardin a 9 out of 10 for his first headline tour. He dressed the part with his bass pro fishing sweatshirt, completely destroyed the crowd emotionally, and getting to meet a person with fame just as excited to meet a fan is incredible. It is definitely difficult to pick my favorite performance as Guardin and Brody were captivating the whole time, especially after 8 weeks of performing the same thing repetitively. I probably have to say a tie between "Take away the pain" because he joined us in the crowd or "I think you're really cool" because of his versatility. I dropped him 1 point because it's his first headline tour, so he's got room to improve