The Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks have just finished their series as the Miami Heat advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. The series was very one side with the Miami Heat dominating in Games 1 and 4. In these dominate wins the Heat have managed to contain the reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo to less than 25 points per game, forcing other players on the Bucks to carry the offense. For Heat they have been led by Jimmy Butler as the offensive and defensive taking that challenge guard Giannis and carrying parts of the scoring load at crucial in the series.

Two things have come to really hurt the Bucks in trying to climb back from there 3-0 series deficit. In Game 3, the Bucks lost on a last second foul call on Giannis who touched Butler as he took a fadeaway to try and win the game. This game deciding fall call, doesn’t sit right with fan especially in a playoff game. Jimmy goes on to hit two free throws and the Bucks lose a there was no time let on the game clock after the free throws. One of the most disappointing endings a to playoff game that fans have seen in years.

The second and more major downfall of the Bucks is their star Giannis Antetokounmpo, who injured his ankle is Game 4 and looks try and will his team back in the run.

When Giannis went down in Game 4, it did give the Bucks a new energy as they came out and played extremely hard avoid the sweep with a 2-point win in Game.

The Heat on the other hand have had a very consistent playoff run, having scoring and solid defense from both their starters and bench. Each player has shown glimpses in each of the games against the Bucks from Jimmy Butler as a starter to six-man Tyler Herro off the bench.

Game 5 saw the Bucks without Star Giannis Antetokounmpo, as he was out with the same ankle sprain as Game 4. The game itself was very competitive up into five mins in the fourth quarter, where the Miami Heat pulled away. This upset was one that was kind of projected as the Heat had the best chance match-up wise to beat the Bucks. Allstar Kris Middleton had a terrible game shooting 8 for 25 for 23 points and fouling out.

The Miami Heat are back in the Conference Finals for the first time, since 2014 and are waiting to see who they will play either the Boston Celtics or the Toronto Raptors.