Charlie Brown Christmas

On December 5th everyone’s favorite blockhead was on the campus of Indiana State University.  A Charlie Brown Christmas was live on stage in Tilson Auditorium Wednesday for students and the Terre Haute community to enjoy.

Tickets to the play were in high demand as the lines inside Tilson were backed up to the front doors. Children and adults alike were lined up to see Charlie Brown learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

The production was put on by Gershwin Entertainment, a touring theatre production group.  Gershwin decided to make a few changes to the classic Christmas story by adding songs.  There were nine songs in total that were part of the play. Although there were some changes the play still drew the same nostalgic appreciation from those that attended.

The role of Charlie Brown was played by Tony Ponella and his faithful dog Snoopy was played by Matthew Hooper.  These characters were originally created by Charles M. Schulz.  Schulz created the classic characters back in 1950, and his comics have been syndicated in 2,600 newspapers all over the world.

By the end of the play everyone left with the spirit of Christmas.  Leaves may still be on the trees, and there isn’t any snow, but there is plenty of Christmas cheer to go around.  It seemed as though watching Charlie Brown and Linus pick out the smallest Christmas tree gave everyone plenty of reason not to say ‘good grief’.