Indiana State University professor Dr. Kevin Bolinger facilitated a lecture to the Honors College students Thursday evening.

The lecture was focused on the story of Jack the Ripper and the murders committed in London’s East End in 1888, as well as the potential identities of the killer. One potential killer was Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Albert Victor.

Before the lecture, students were required to complete and show their daily health assessments, wear a face covering, and practice physical distancing if they were to attend in person. A synchronous Zoom meeting was also an option.

When asked about his fascination with Jack the Ripper, Dr. Bolinger said that it is in part due to a fascination with true crime but also has roots in a high school experience of his.

“I remember I was in the public library in my little town in southern California, and I saw a book on Jack the Ripper. I opened it up and I just happened to open it up to [the picture of Mary Kelly’s mutilated body]. I had to shut the book right away because I’d never seen anything like it”, he said “It stuck with me in my imagination. Then when I started on my academic work and getting my degrees, in particular, my focus was British history, my thesis was on crime in Victorian England and how it changed as a result of industrialization.”

Dr. Bolinger also said that if anyone has any interest in the subject to check out the work of Donald Rumbalow.