ann frank

A drama full of life, The Diary of Anne Frank had its last showcase in the Tilson Auditorium on Tuesday, March 10.

After a long anticipation, audience members finally got to see The Diary of Anne Frank and it was something unexpected. The show was dramatic, but full of love, conflicts and gave an essence of reality to the audience.

The show opened with a dance number and it took the audience into the serious nature of how we were going to see Anne Frank die in the end, and it was going to be tragic. Despite the book being very sad, the drama somehow wasn’t.

This doesn’t mean the show didn’t fulfill the purpose of the book; it just didn’t show the most expected things to the audience.

Anne Frank growing up had to hide inside a closet and didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how life was going to be, but she carried the hope. This drama perfectly displayed a growing pre-teen’s life during the war.

With all the local groups of Terre Haute and middle schoolers present, Anne Frank's utter curiosity seemed to give off other vibes that were visible to the audience when she talked about her curiosity.

Graduate student Ashima Sitaula said, “It was interesting, perhaps. I thought I was going to see Anne Frank die in the end but that didn’t happen, but overall it was a nice drama.”

The love of teenagers inside the closet was beautifully portrayed, including the desperation of getting food and living a healthy life despite how out little they had.

The character of Anne Frank was portrayed as a child full of hope and life among distressed adults.

The show was good, but it would’ve been a lot more exciting if it was raw and they showed what happened after they were taken out of the hiding place.

Rating: 7/10