Sticky Fingers is a reggae fusion/indie rock band formed in 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The band members consist of Dylan Frost (vocals/guitar), Seamus Coyle (lead guitar), Paddy Cornwall (bass), Beaker Best (drums), and Freddie Crabs (keys). The band’s first EP ‘Helping Hand’ in 2009, with the songs “Juicy Ones” and “Inspirational” which were recorded again for their next EP ‘Extended Play’ in 2010.

If we talk about one of the bands that rose from the ground, then that’s definitely Sticky Fingers. After having their applications rejected two consecutive years for the Newtown Festival, in 2010 they set their own DIY stage at a friend’s backyard, as they did in those times, exactly on the day of the festival which caught the attention of producer Dan Hume, who went on to produce their next 3 records. 2011, Sticky Fingers were the headliners for Newtown Festival.

The band’s first debut “Caress Your Soul”, was released in March 2013 which reached number 39 in the Australian Albums Chart, while the second album reached directly to number 3 on Australian Albums Chart after it released in 2014. Climbing up on the charts, their third album Westway (The Glitter & The Slums), recorded over a month in Thailand and Australia reached number 1 in the Australian Albums Chart after its release in September 2016.

The band didn’t always have a smooth journey. Their former member band member, Taras Hrubyj left the band. Rumors have it that he left due to intolerant behavior of the lead singer who admitted in a Facebook post in 2015 that he struggles through alcohol addiction and mental health issues and was racist towards fellow indigenous artists.

Regardless of all the dramas, their comeback in 2018 was huge to all the reggae music and Australian fans. The band have proved themselves to be one of the most sensational music performers of all time. In 2019, their latest album “Yours to Keep” is in no. 4 on the Australian charts of Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA).

Favorites: Kiss the Breeze, Cyclone, These Girls and Rum Rage