Founders Day at Indiana State University was celebrated yesterday in the Heritage Ballroom to acknowledge the past, present, and future.

In 1865, the school was founded as the Indiana State Normal School where its mission was to educate teachers. It was not until 1965 until the General Assembly renamed the college to Indiana State University after the school advanced and developed into what we know today.

 The present ISU has a long history and traditions that students and faculty carry on.

 “ISU is fantastic. The spirit of campus, everyone is so friendly and giving and helpful,” said Julie Manson, special events coordinator. “I think it’s a beautiful campus, very well taken care of. I love the old architecture we have on campus. That impresses me with ISU today.

 A tradition that students and faculty look forward to is homecoming. Homecoming back in 1919 was actually called Blue and White Day. There were dances and other entertainment, but homecoming did not incorporate football games until 1921.

 “I just experienced my first homecoming and that was a lot of fun. That’s a fantastic tradition I think ISU does well,” said Manson.

 To keep ISU moving forward and improving for the future, the school has plans to renovate Dreiser Hall, the building hosting student media. Student media was created in 2012, involving WISU-fm and then student operated WZIS fm, the Indiana Statesman, and Sycamore Video. More additions were added like The Sycamore, Syc Creations, and the Indiana State Sports Network.

 “I think that is amazing that we can continue to improve these buildings which improves the lives and the student experience and still keep the architecture and the history within ISU,” said Manson.

 The event concluded with a reception and free dessert.