Horror TV shows are sometimes an anomaly in the entertainment industry. This unique medium doesn’t have many frontrunners, but “Chucky” will surely join their ranks. “Chucky” is a creative and thoughtful take on horror and tv tropes while still tackling the original themes that the original “Chucky” movies explored.

The premise of the original film franchise is that a serial killer has passed away and decided to possess an old doll. Like most slasher films, the main killer hunts down the rest of the cast before the last person alive, usually the main character, thwarts the killer’s plans. As a result, the main character is usually passive and reflects the better aspects of society.

In this series, however, the first episode immediately establishes the main protagonist, Jake Wheeler, as an awkward tween that loves making art using doll parts. Jake is an active character within this show, making decisions that lead to the town slowly breaking away from the normal conventions that the horror industry has played upon for years.

Without spoiling the plot, Jake's first decision involves him purchasing a creepy doll, which is revealed to be the killer known as Chucky.

New episodes air every Tuesday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on the Syfy channel.