Even after ’Avengers: Endgame’, the hype for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still in full swing, pun intended. As Phase 4 started to build itself up, starting with the Disney + series ‘WandaVision’, many eyes were turned towards the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s next movie. 

The various allusions to a multiverse in ‘Loki’ came to a head in the current running series ‘What If…?’, which answers various “what if” questions like if Black Panther became Star Lord instead of Peter Quill.

Due to all this multiverse chatter, fans anticipated that the newest ‘Spider-Man’ film will introduce classic iterations of Spider-Man and his rogue’s gallery that appeared in previous non-MCU films, such Tobey McGuire’s iteration of the webslinger from the 2002 movie and its sequels.

Just days ago, the much anticipated ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer was leaked, leading to spoilers popping up around the internet. In response, Marvel and Sony decided to officially reveal the trailer ahead of schedule.

The trailer blew everyone out of the water, showing off how Peter Parker is dealing with a world that knows his identity. He asks for help from the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, to possibly make it to where no one knows he’s Spider-Man. As the spell is happening, Peter gets second thoughts and interrupts the spell, leading to a multiversal convergence. 

Soon, this is followed by allusions of the Sinister Six. For example, we see yellow lightning that could mean Electro’s return. Then we are greeted with a bomb that is suspiciously reminiscent of the 2002 Green Goblin’s weaponry.

Then it happened…A metallic tentacle bursts out of a smoky mist, revealing Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, as his character from the 2004 ‘Spider-Man 2’. The hype is unreal for this movie, and many hope this will be a celebration of Spider-Man’s absolutely iconic cinematic history.