The NBA trade deadline was last Thursday and it did not disappoint with plenty of last minute moves from many teams. The rumors around many quality NBA players moving teams, turned out to be true with promentient player switching teams such as Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon. With the Orlando Magic trading all of their top players, they have committed to a full rebuild and a youthful movement going forward. 


The Orlando Magic are going into a  full rebuild, trading Vucevic for Wendall Carter, Otto Porter Jr., and two future first round picks. For Orlando, the front office has finally committed to the  youth and the rebuilding process after years of being mediocre, normally sitting at 8th seed in the East, they made the conclusion the roster was not going to work as currently constructed. Wendell Carter is a solid young center with some  questions around his game. Otto Porter Jr. is a solid NBA player but he’s on an expiring contract so he many creates cap space for the Magic. The draft picks are interesting because if Vucevic doesn’t work out and the Bulls fail to win games, those draft picks can be rather high. I like this trade for both teams, but for the Bulls the most risk comes with Vucevic not really fitting on their timeline.

Aaron Gordon requested a trade a few days before the deadline so the question was which teams would go after him. The Celtics were the clear front runner but got out bid by the Nuggets offer with Garry Harris, RJ Hampton, and a first round pick. This was great value for Aaron Gordon who was obviously frustrated with his role and fit with the Magic. And for the Nuggets, this adds another scorer and a good size defender to match up against the elite wings in the West.