Tuesday was the Indiana State University Honors College annual picnic at Wolf Field. The event consisted of free food, games, and allowing Honors College students to get to know their fellow students and Honors College faculty.

Haley Arthur, a first year student, expressed excitement at being in the Honors College. “I think the Honors College will allow me to have a way to network with new people. Based off my first Honors class, I think it’ll open new doors for me, let me have new opportunities, and learn more in general.”

Honors students have the opportunity to expand their learning outside of their major through classes such as Contemporary Issues (GH101) and Introduction to the Great Works (GH201).

Amelia Pomfret, an ISU third year student, reminisced on her experiences as a first year student. “My first experience with the Honors College was through the ISU Summer Honors program that I did in high school. From that point on, it was obvious to me that I could go here.”

She also added some advice for any incoming students. “I would say don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone who works in the Honors College or any professors that have taught an Honors class if you have any questions. Everyone is super willing to be helpful and answer questions.”

The Honors College is always looking for new students and is more than willing to help hopeful Honors students in any way.

Assistant Director of the Honors College, Katie Lugar, said she felt optimistic about the 2021-2022 school year. “We hope to have the best year yet. We’re coming off of the pandemic, and I think our students really want the opportunity to connect and socialize and be with one another. We’re ready to support that.”

Lugar also offered up some information for those looking to join. “If you’re interested in joining, you can visit our website indstate.edu/academics/honors. You have the opportunity to join based off of your high school information or after your first semester at ISU.”