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Phone number: (812) 237-3690
230-B Dreiser Hall
221 N. 6th St.
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN 47809

General Manager
Rich Green
Phone: (812) 237-3984

Phone: (812) 237-3690

Student Station Manager
Chris Lopez
Phone: (812) 237-3248

Production Director
Jordan Anderson
Phone: (812) 237-9615

Program Director
Briunna Furba
Phone: (812) 237-8970

Assistant Program Director
Jillian Bontjes
Phone: (812) 237-8970
News & Sports Operations Director
Toby Barkwell
Phone: (812) 237-8973
News Director
Kyle Vlcek
Phone: (812) 237-8973

Sports Director
Landon Kleindorfer
Phone: (812) 237-8973
Music Director
Darian Davenport
Phone: (812) 237-8970

Promotions Director
Abigail Scharton
Phone: (812) 237-9615

WZIS in the News

WZIS, Indiana State’s student radio station and its students are finalists for eight national awards by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) including Best College Radio Station for a campus with over 10,000 students.

Sycamore Video

Karen Torres and Katie Higginbotham hosts, covering events such as Stop and Serves, Brother Jeb and Sister Cindy and more.

The Sycamore

Indiana Statesman

If there is one problem with ISU, it is the parking. Every single night, day, morning, whatever time, you will find at least three people driving around to find a spot with the pass they purchased.

Happy study week, Sycamores! With the school year almost over, I know many, if not all of us, are itching to get back home for summer. As tempting as it is to shut down or give up on that super hard class right now, you’ve already made it this far. To help you through study week and finals, …

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