The Senate Races for the midterms had a lot of anticipation heading into it as many on the right viewed this election as a potential “Red Wave” with many areas on the political map being flipped to republican due to the economic struggles of the Biden Administration and aggressive gerrymandering in the favor of Republicans. However, this was far from the case, but here are a few key takeaways from the 2022 midterms. In general, Republicans had one of the weakest performances from the out-of-power party against a first-term president’s party.

One of the hottest head-to-heads in the midterms was the Pennsylvania senate race between TV Doctor Dr. Oz and John Fetterman resulting in Democrats flipping a seat with John Fetterman being declared the winner in the state. Other hotly contested seats in New Hampshire and Connecticut were both kept by Democrats. A solid win for republicans came in Wisconsin as Ron Johnson was barely able to hold his seat from democrats. Ultimately the senate will come down to Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. In Nevada, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has 48% of the vote, and Republican Adam Laxalt with 49% of the vote and is facing a possible runoff. In Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly is currently looking like the likely winner has 51.7% of the vote. And Georgia is the only confirmed runoff between Republican Hershel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock in one of the most politicized Senate races in the country.

This election will end up shaping the presidential election, especially for republicans going forward with Trump suspected to announce his third presidential run near thanksgiving. Many on the right are still breaking down the disappointing outcome at the midterms and many on the right will need to answer some tough questions.