There have been multiple reports that the Pacers front office wants to go in on this current Pacers team to compete in the playoffs. Before the start of this season, Las Vegas predicted the Indiana Pacers to have won in the low 20s. At about the halfway mark of the season, the Indiana Pacers are 8th in the East with a 23-22 record. Before the Tyrese Haliburton injury about a week ago, the blue and gold were 6th in the East. This has unsurprisingly put pressure on the front office to buy in somewhat in an attempt to have a real shot for a competitive playoff run. Names like John Collins, Obi Toppin, and OG Anunoby have floated around the rumor mill for the past month or so. The pacers have been a surprise to the casual NBA fan and pacers fans alike, but does this success bar the pacers from a chance at a future dynasty?

As a near-lifelong enjoyer of Pacers basketball, I'm conflicted over our recent success. At the beginning of the season, I, like many others, believed the Pacers would be in the hunt for a high lottery pick, but as wins started to come in it was obvious this team was special. However, with a small market team like the pacer, free agency isn’t a realistic option, so trades and the draft are the only real means of building a contender. However, these wins are setting the pacers back from building from a seemingly all-time draft class. This season might end up setting up a team similar to the early 2010s Pacer teams that constantly played well to get high seeds, but were never a true threat for the title. As much as he like Tyrese Haliburton, he can't be your best player on a championship-winning team. He would make an amazing number two, but over the last near-decade, championship-winning number ones have been small forwards, and forwards. And the ones who won a lead guard happened to be the top 3-point guard of all time.

As much as I love this team and these players, starting the tank for the rest of this season is the best move to set up future success.