2017-18 WZIS Staff

Year in School: Senior

Favorite genre: Country

Favorite artist: Luke Combs

Song of the summer: When It Rains It Pours

Hobbies: Coaching baseball and being a die-hard Dallas Cowboys Fan

What do you want to be doing in 5 years? Working in Sports Media in Dallas, Texas

Favorite Genres of Music: Electronic, Rock, Comedy

Favorite Artist/Band: The Megas, Daft Punk, NSP

Major and Year in College: Communication, Senior

Interests outside radio: Video games, Movies, Netflix

Fun fact about you: I own 11 unique video game consoles

What do you want to do after college? A career involving radio, theatre actor, or internet content creator

Favorite Genres of Music: Pop

Favorite Artist/Band: Panic! At the Disco

Major and Year in College: Junior Elementary Education Major

Interests outside radio: I love to go to movies and concerts.

Fun fact about you: I recently moved to Las Vegas!

What do you want to do after college? Be a teacher and try my best to incorporate all of my passions into my career.

Year in School: Junior

Favorite Genres of Music: R&B, K-Pop (K-R&B & K-Hip Hop), and Hip-Hop

Favorite Artist/Band: J. Cole

Hobbies: Fangirling, Making TikToks Lol, and Taking goofy pictures

Fun Fact About You: I played the violin for six years (Don’t remember how to play it Lol)

DJ Name/position: Grace the Bomb Boom!

Favorite Genres of Music: R&B & 90’S THROWBACKS

Favorite Artist/Band: It changes every day, but as of now Rhianna.

Major and Year in College: Communication & Marketing

Interests outside radio: Chill with friends or just sit back and watch movies.

Fun fact about you: I know how to play the saxophone.

What do you want to do after college? Hopefully become a Film Producer.

Favorite Genres of Music: Rap

Favorite Artist/Band: I don’t really have a favorite

Major and Year in College: Communication (Media Studies), Senior

Interests outside radio: Movies

Fun fact about you: I am a twin

What do you want to do after college? Get a job and be happy for the rest of my life

Favorite Genre: Everything but country

Favorite Artist/Band: Paramore, CHVRCHES, Gaslight Anthem, Demi Lovato, Childish Gambino

Song of the Summer: Cool for the Summer- Demi Lovato (Every Summer)

Hobbies: Collecting and playing old video games, softball, podcasting

What do you want to be doing in 5 years?: Hoping to see the continued growth of WZIS.