Thompson Thrift demolished the empty buildings that stood on the site during March 2014.

With more than 12,000 enrolled students at Indiana State, the university determined that more student housing was needed in the downtown Terre Haute area. In development by Thompson Thrift, the building constructed at 500 Wabash Ave. will feature restaurants, shops, office space, a student dormitory and an outside dining area. The construction is the implementation of an aspect of Indiana State University’s larger strategic plan.

“One of the initiatives of the strategic plan is to provide economic revitalization of the downtown area along with providing housing options for students,” said Diann McKee, ISU’s vice president of business affairs and finance and university treasurer. While the building will be a massive change for Terre Haute’s downtown, Thompson Thrift and ISU want to ensure that the building won’t affect the area’s historical integrity.

“Our design is meant to be compatible with the historical nature of downtown,” said Adam Fischer, the project manager for the construction. He and Thompson Thrift’s marketing supervisor, Sara Lindsey, have provided projections on what the finished building will look like:

“The 22,000 square foot ground floor will offer a mix of restaurants, shops and office space,’ Lindsey explained. “Student housing will be made up of 75 apartment style units. These one, two, three or four bedroom units will feature private bedroom/bathroom suites, along with a common area where students can gather to study or socialize.”

The student housing portion of the building will be reserved not for freshmen, but for upperclassmen, McKee revealed.

“It is an exciting project not only for the university but as an attractive different housing opportunity for students,” she said. “With the enrollment growth we have experienced, we have had limited housing opportunities for upperclassmen on campus.”

The project is scheduled for completion by July 2015. Paul Thrift, president of Thompson Thrift Development, feels like the building will be an excellent addition to downtown Terre Haute.

“We are very pleased with the progress of the architectural plans,” Thrift said. “This project will be hugely impactful in continuing efforts to develop downtown into an attractive business, retail and residential center.”