10 Minutes with Bradley

The Larry Bird statue was unveiled and dedicated on Saturday, Nov. 9, during a ceremony on the soutwest side of Hulman Center

Q: What are the top three achievements of the 2013-2014 academic year?

A: Narrowing it down to just three is hard, but the Washington Monthly survey awarding us top recognition for community engagement is an important accomplishment because working in the community and giving back is central to our mission. We also have the highest enrollment rates we’ve had in 40 years and retention is showing improvement, too. Finally, we’ll have $90 million worth of construction projects underway before the end of June 2014. We have so much going on that shows forward momentum.

Q: The overall climate about higher education is riddled with controversy. Costs are too high and jobs are scarce. How does ISU play into this conversation?

A: In my opinion, much of that rhetoric is politically inspired. We are focused on controlling costs and better preparing our students for work. In fact, we just received a Lilly Endowment to help our students more smoothly from the classroom to the work place.

Q: How does ISU impact the local community?

A: With more than 1,600 employees and a payroll than exceeds $100 million, we not only provide opportunities for the people in Terre Haute, but an economic boost, as well. As manufacturing jobs have gone away, ISU has really stepped up to fill those gaps.

Q: What’s a surprising fact about you?

A: I was a hockey player. I used to play wing, but I wasn’t very good!