The members of the Toby Foyeh African Orchestra group seized the University Hall stage in their authentic African attire, armed with an eclectic variety of musical instruments. Having traveled all the way from Washington, D.C., they were excited to be sharing their talents with Indiana State. They performed songs infused with rock, Latin and jazz styles, while one of their performers captivated the audience with his gravity-defying dance moves. This energetic musical treat was only one of the many performances that took place during African Global Night on April 5, 2014. Hosted by the African Student Union, the event provided a look into different African cultures. The event also promoted the importance of appreciating diversity.

“Every year the world is getting smaller and smaller because of globalization,” Kirk Moore, vice president for the African Student Union said, “so I think if everyone knows a little bit of culture of anyone else it creates a really strong bond.”

There was a wide range of performances that night, from skits and dances to poems and songs. A group of students sang a beautiful rendition of “Fire on the Mountain,” a song written by a Nigerian artist, and was met with loud applause.  “Welcome to Africa”, a skit written by Moore and acted out by students, was a funny and heart-warming story about the struggles of an interethnic couple about to get married. There were many great dance numbers throughout and also a stunning fashion show at the end.

Though its array of performances was expansive, African Global Night never strayed far from its theme of welcoming diversity on campus.

“That is the key idea that we are trying to portray on campus -- that all of us are one, regardless of where we come from,” Moore said.

After the event, attendees were invited to join the African Student Union for dinner at St. George’s Cathedral for some delicious African cuisine.

The lyrics from a song Moore sang that night summed up the event perfectly, “Our differences are great, but our similarities are greater. Let’s make the campus better for our global community.”