Graduation is the end of a chapter, but also the start of a new one. Come graduation, students tend to forget their upcoming responsibilities, instead only seeing the finish line for their college years. Some graduates need to be reminded of their life responsibilities and skills. Speakers at Indiana State University got the opportunity to tell winter grads to continue service and remember important virtues like time management and building strong relationships. One speaker, Joe Weiss, finds time to engage in his community even with a strenuous lifestyle. Weiss worked as an emergency medical technician, taught EMT classes and engaged as a full-time student at Indiana State University, but he somehow still found time to strongly care for others and his community.

“I strive to treat everyone I encounter as if they are the most important person in the world, right there in that moment,” he said. “I encourage you to do the same. Make it your daily goal to be the reason one stranger smiles.”

Keith Ogorek, vice president of marketing for Author Solutions, also spoke to the graduates. Ogorek gave the graduates a framework for building relationships and time management, along with crucial insight and advice for the present and future.

“Time will pass more quickly than you can ever imagine,” said Ogorek, a 1982 ISU graduate. “Take time to make your life as good as it can be.”