For the first time in the team’s history, the Indiana State softball team advanced to the NCAA Tournament. Playing 58 games, which included 14 doubleheaders over the season, the women attained a team goal by winning a game in the double-elimination tournament.

“We have made great strides this season as a team and achieved the one goal we had, to win conference,” said Mary Turitto, a sophomore biology major.

The path to the NCAA Tournament was not an easy one, though. “This team has put in countless hours of hard work to get to where we wanted to (go),” said Abby Klopp, a freshman education major. “Everything from our morning workouts to running the mile has impacted our program in a number of ways.”

The coaches also developed programs that helped the players master the mental and physical sides of the game. “We have a unique program that also accounts for the mental aspect of the game, making it so we (were) prepared both mentally and physically. All of the hard work put in paid off and we reaped the rewards.”

The coaching staff has been an instrumental part of the success of the softball team overall.

“With the support of ... the coaching staff, getting where we wanted to be was easy,” Turitto said. “There was no one that supported us more than our coaches — they knew what we were capable of and pushed us to be our very best every day. … We were reminded by Coach (Shane) Bouman that tough girls wear blue.”

The success of this season has established a new level of quality for the team. “There is now a new standard,” Klopp said. “We showed what we were capable of and now that is what’s expected.”

 DateOpponent  Result  
Feb. 6Georgetown at Nashville, Tenn.2-8 (L)
Feb. 7Ball State at Nashville, Tenn.6-5 (W)
Feb. 7Lipscomb at Nashville, Tenn.1-9 (L)
Feb. 8Belmont at Nashville, Tenn.6-3 (W)
Feb. 20New Mexico State at Tempe, Ariz.0-4 (L)
Feb. 20Colorado State at Tempe, Ariz.2-5 (L)
Feb. 21Colorado State at Tempe, Ariz.6-10 (L)
Feb. 21Arizona State at Tempe, Ariz.0-14 (L)
Feb. 22Boise State at Tempe, Ariz.6-7 (L)
March 1Butler at Rosemont, Ill.4-5 (L)
March 1IUPUI at Rosemont, Ill.0-11 (L)
March 6N. Dakota St. at Knoxville, Tenn.4-1 (W)
March 6Purdue at Knoxville, Tenn.0-8 (L)
March 7Tennessee at Knoxville, Tenn.0-8 (L)
March 7Northern Iowa at Knoxville, Tenn.7-1 (W)
March 8Tennessee at Knoxville, Tenn.0-12 (L)
March 14Wichita State at Wichita, Kan.    2-1 (W)/9-2 (W)
March 15Wichita State at Wichita, Kan.2-6 (L)
March 17Kansas at Lawrence, Kan.4-5 (L)
March 18SEMO at Cape Girardeau, Mo.

9-4 (W)/9-5 (W)

March 21Illinois State at home8-5 (W)/1-6 (L)
March 22Illinois State at home9-10 (L)
March 28Missouri State at home1-5 (L)/3-2 (W)
March 29Missouri State at home8-9 (L)
March 31Butler at Indianapolis, Ind.8-3 (W)/4-3 (W)
April 3Bradley at Peoria, Ill.2-11 (L)/3-7 (L)
April 4Bradley at Peoria, Ill.9-6 (W)
April 7IUPUI at homePostponed
April 8Illinois at Champaign, Ill.3-5 (L)
April 11Evansville at home4-0 (W)/2-1 (W)
April 12Evansville at home7-4 (W)
April 15Loyola at Chicago, Ill.6-7 (L)/9-6 (W)
April 18Drake at Des Moines, Iowa2-1 (W)/4-5 (L)
April 19Drake at Des Moines, Iowa0-2 (L)
April 21IUPUI at home2-10 (L)
April 22Loyola at home7-6 (W)
April 25Southern Illinois at homeCanceled
April 26Southern Illinois at home5-1 (W)/6-7 (L)
April 28Indiana at home9-1 (W)
April 29Purdue at West Lafayette, Ind.0-2 (L)
May 2Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, Iowa3-4 (L)/1-9 (L)
May 3Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, Iowa8-5 (W)

May 7 

Southern Illinois at Wichita, Kan.5-3 (W)*
May 7Wichita State at Wichita, Kan.5-1 (W)*
May 8Drake at Wichita, Kan.2-1 (W)*
May 9Missouri State at Wichita, Kan.9-2 (W)*
May 15Missouri at Columbia, Mo.0-7 (L)**
May 16Louisville at Columbia, Mo.2-1 (W)**
May 16

Kansas at Columbia, Mo.

0-2 (L)**
 *MVC Tournament
**NCAA Tournament