Art is something that can be seen all over Indiana State’s beautiful campus. Outside of nearly every building, there is a piece of art for students and faculty to admire. As of April 8, another sculpture was added on campus: “A Reading Place.” The sculpture was placed outside of ISU’s newest building, Reeve Hall. The artist, Madeline Wiener, came to Indiana State to speak at the dedication and to tell students why this unique sculpture was close to her heart.

Wiener is a well-known artist who works out of Denver. She is one of the few individuals who work with the public to create one-of-a-kind, interactive sculptures. Wiener created “A Reading Place” because she believes that books are an important part of our lives and that eventually, with all of the technology in the world, there will be no need for books.

“Slowly but surely, there will be less and less books, and that breaks my heart,” Weiner said. “A Reading Place” is a reminder to everyone of the importance and value of books and reading. It is also a reminder of the knowledge and joy that literature brings.

The sculpture consists of two women and a male all sitting in a circle, reading. The individuals are shaped so that they serve as benches that students can sit on. There are also two stacks of books in between two of the sculptures, working as extensions of the sculptural benches and completing the circle. As a public sculptor, it is important to Wiener that students at ISU interact with these sculptures and use them.

“(The sculptures are a place) where we’ve seen over and over again people taking selfies or taking pictures of one another. It’s a riot!” Wiener said. The newest art addition to ISU is not only unique and aesthetically pleasing, but it’s a gathering place for students to get together, sit and remember the joy that books can bring.