The audience’s reaction was the gravitational pull to this successful Mr. & Miss Drag Superstar event. Mr. & Miss Drag Superstar was held in Dede I by ISU Spectrum on Nov. 11, and it was a show for all to attend. Spectrum, the ISU organization that made this event possible, used tips and donations to raise money for the Council on Domestic Abuse. CODA is an organization that reaches out to victims suffering from sexual assault and domestic violence, and donations help victims receive treatment. By the end, Spectrum raised more than $200 for CODA.

“Spectrum is one big family, and it’s our goal to get the community and ISU involved for a better education and outreach,” said junior English education major Alexa Mayer. Mayer, who performed as Charlie Cobbler, was defending her title as 2013- 2014 Mr. Gay ISU and is currently the president of Spectrum. Mayer continues to make Spectrum available for everyone, and she said that having meetings in public locations to get more locals involved may happen soon. The winners of this year’s event were Miss Drag Superstar Cheryle Teasman and Mr. Drag Superstar Sammy Hopkins. Hopkins, who played crowd favorite Tommy Love Gun, was thrilled about winning her first Mr. & Miss Drag Superstar title.

“I’m still in complete shock,” Hopkins said. Hopkins hopes to keep raising money for CODA.

This was also the first time two members from the Terre Haute community won the Mr. & Miss Drag Superstar event in its short history. Hopkins’ victory on stage gave hope to those struggling to find their true selves, and it was a moment Mikayla Deford will never forget.

“A few of my friends were participating and I’m very proud of them,” said Deford, a junior fine arts major. There were lots of LGBTQ supporters in the attendance who knew a lot about drag competitions, but as for Deford, she was there to make sure her friends were having a good time performing in front of an almost sold-out crowd. The crowd was involved so much throughout the event, it gained attention from the coordinator of Mr. & Miss Drag Superstar, Spectrum’s vice president, Sammie Smith.

“Having an event like this on campus is beneficial to both the drag committee and Spectrum,” said Smith, a senior chemistry major. Smith also said that community engagement has been a stepping-stone to Spectrum’s success and being able to put together this year’s Mr. & Miss Drag Superstar competition along with Spectrum’s Drag Committee.

Being a part of Spectrum’s Mr. & Miss Drag Superstar competition doesn’t necessarily make you a supporter of LGBTQ, but it’s a good way to meet new people and share interests with one another that are a part of the community. This event was focused on raising money for CODA and was beneficial to those suffering from past and present sexual assault and domestic violence, but their intention is to keep raising money for charities to help those in need.

That night, Spectrum got the audience on their feet through music and dance moves in an event for all to enjoy for a good cause.