This year Indiana State has been home to many new things, all of which have been attempting to lead the school in a better, brighter direction. One thing that has put a certain shine to the campus students’ days are the random acts of kindness coming from the one and only Katherine “Katie” Lugar.

Lugar, a graduate student with her newly acquired bachelor’s degree in social work, has taken over a part of the Student Health and Human Resources Center in the Rec Center.

The small group of Lugar and her volunteers have made it their mission to go around campus performing random acts of kindness. From handing out stress balls during finals week to sharing woven hearts in support of an anti-suicide campaign (the Peyton Heart Project), the team has been rather busy.

“I became involved with the Random Acts of Kindness initiative through my position as the Student Advocacy Graduate Assistant,” Lugar said. “It is one of my primary service objectives through the Division of Student Affairs.”

According to the Random Acts of Kindness website, there are 3,124 RAKtivists who range in age from 14-89 and represent 87 countries.

Lugar explained how she initiated the program at ISU. However, she is quick to give thanks to her team of volunteers. “I received assistance with this project with nine volunteers from a Social Work 130 course. We were able to complete several projects this semester including the Peyton Heart Project, Operation Beautiful, Reverse Trick or Treating, Cards for Hospice patients, and many more.”

Several students were affected by the cause, with the team’s hashtag (#RAKISU) circulating on various forms of social media alongside some positive thanks.