Creating a support system for Indiana State University students and the Terre Haute community is the goal of United Campus Ministries. Located at 321 N. Seventh St., the organization hosts an array of events and is a safe zone that welcomes diversity.

“We have been serving at United Campus Ministries for 73 years,” minister Sharon Smith said. “UCM provides space and support for students and the community. (It is) guided by Christian principles in a multi-faith world.”

UCM hosts events throughout the year, but it also has weekly meetings for discussion and contemplation such as Friday Morning Book Club.

“Book club meets at 8 a.m. every Friday. They read various books about spirituality, politics or current issues and discuss them,” Smith said.

One of UCM’s largest goals is being inclusive of all members of the campus community.

“This semester we’ve been trying to expand on the relationships we’ve already built and have been trying to reach out to a larger section of ISU students, including the domestic students,” said Jipin Jose, a graduate student and UCM international student representative.

To help people find new connections and friends, UCM also hold Table Talks, a casual meeting place for all students.

“On Wednesday evenings for Table Talks we provide a home-cooked meal to college students at 5 followed by various programs,” Smith said. “The programs include discussions on issues of faith and spirituality.”

The UCM also has a food pantry adjacent to their facility where they provide meals to students and needy families.

“I think the food pantry is great, I see it helping so many people, including some of my friends on campus who are homeless,” said Pam Silies, a freshman criminal justice major. “What UCM does affects so many people and they deserve more credit.”