After a four-year hiatus, the Ethics Bowl made its return on Nov. 7 in the Magna Carta room of the Scott College of Business. Sponsored by the Networks Professional Development program and hosted by the Ethics Conference Special Programming team, the event challenged the critical thinking and persuasive skills of eight teams. Prominent figures at Indiana State lent their time to be judges: Dr. Kelly Wilkinson, associate dean of the Scott College of Business; Dr. Linda Maule, dean of Academic Affairs; and Dr. Greg Bierly, director of the Honors Program.

The competition was a series of questions and answers. The questions included scenarios involving money, serious situations and discriminatory events. Teams had a certain amount of time to collaborate, then one team member would stand and deliver their teams answer.

“It was interesting how well some teams handled situations,” said Chevy Elliot, a freshman insurance and risk management major. “I also think that there should be an interview process before signing a team up because for every good answer there was an equally not so good answer. But overall, it was a great experience.”

Many students found the event informative and eye-opening.

“I really enjoyed attending the Ethics Bowl because it showed me what others think is right and wrong in the workplace and in life,” said Alli Meyer, a freshman financial services major. “It was cool to have the chance to compare my opinions to others.”

Junior members of the Networks Professional Development Program at the Scott College of Business are responsible for planning and hosting the event every year. The members wanted to ensure a large and varied audience.

“It was a great opportunity for us to use the space in the Scott College of Business to get a large audience of business students for the event,” said Allison Cook, a junior management major and NPDP member. “We wanted to get an audience of students from other locations as well. We were lucky to have students from the Bayh College of Education and the Honors Program in attendance.”

Over 90 people, including those in the debate teams, attended the event.

“We had to get creative with the bracket because of the large number of teams that registered for the event,” Cook said.

Three representatives from the Investment Club — junior financial services major Audra Dial, senior Charles Noel, and sophomore business marketing major Kole Risner — snatched the Ethics Bowl victory. Members of NPDP were happy with the outcome of the event.

“It was very successful because we worked very hard to get teams together and make sure the questions were challenging enough,” Emily Virostko, a junior accounting major and NPDP member said. “I think all of our hard work definitely turned in our favor in the end.”