Decorated Sycamore leaves are scattered across the wall by Dede I in the Hulman Memorial Student Union. The leaves have campus organization names and logos painted on them, from sororities and fraternities to student clubs. They are the Leaves of Legacy: Indiana State University’s own Hall of Fame.  

The Leaves of Legacy honor campus organizations that have positively impacted and contributed to Indiana State University. In order toget a leaf, an organization must be at least five years old and must uphold the Sycamore Six: pride, service, blue, resilience, responsibility, and integrity. The leaves honor and give publicity to organizations that contribute to Indiana State’s mission. Because of these specifications to get a leaf, not every organization is able to have one; only the organizations that are able to prove that they go above and beyond are able to receive leaves.  

“There’s nothing like them. The leaves catch your attention, and that’s good for the organizations,” said Brooks Moore, associate vice president of Student Affairs. Six organizations were granted leaves this year after demonstrating that they uphold ISU’s six values. Why You Laughing, the Black Student Union, Indiana Student Education Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, National Residence Hall Honorary, and the Athletic Training Student Association added leaves to the wall this year. The organizations presented their brand new leaves at Sycamore Sync during Spring Spirit Week.  

Student organizations are able to update their leaves in the spring. Organizations that are already inducted into the Legacy Leaves can update their leaves when they need a new coat of fresh paint or they have a new logo.  

The Student Government Association heads the Leaves of Legacy campaign. The program went dormant years ago and the university and its residents forgot the leaves for the most part. About three years ago, the Student Government Association, which focuses on raising spirit on campus, revived the campaign. Even though SGA began the process of bringing the campaign back a few years ago, the leaves became a more solid presence only a year ago, said Brandon Ball, the chair of the Senate Pride and Traditions committee.  

The Leaves of Legacy campaign is a way for SGA to show campus pride. The student organizations highlighted in the Leaves of Legacy show the same amount of campus pride. For as long as ISU bleeds blue, the organizations that already have leaves and the organizations that will have leaves in the future will show school spirit and improve ISU in many different ways.